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Sneaking out.. by Yukiko-chan Sneaking out.. by Yukiko-chan
This is my newest character, her name is Nasherintil.
We're playing a game set in a LARGE city that has a lot of corruption and crime. It's a fantasy type setting. The other character is part of the police/guard force, and my character is a homeless thief who hadn't been just that until 70 years ago. (not exactly a long time to an elf..)
Anyway, usually she uses magically induced disguises when she's stealing, but then how would I draw her in a decent pose?
I was going to just do her in the pose and nothing else, but then I decided.. well I should at least try for more than just a posed character drawing, something with some substance and detail.. even if it was just a little bit.
It's been forever since I've drawn sadly. So I feel all sorts of rusty, backgrounds and the like are far from anything I even do 'marginally decent' at. Well, take it for what it is I suppose. At least it gave me an excuse to go buy a ruler and TRY.. right?

So anyway, we'll just pretend that the picture taker somehow can see her through magically put up disguise and that's why we can see her for her. ^_^;
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February 15, 2010
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